Saturday, 23 June 2012

Current Skin Care Routine

I love these kind of posts, I think it is the nosey person inside me that just likes to know everything!

Basically I was going to do this as a post but decided it would be FAR to long as I tend to ramble. So...I decided to do a video and to be honest it is still pretty long! Not going to lie I'm not expecting thousands of views but I thought it was something a little different and you might like it. 
Not sure if I will carry on with the videos but I am giving it a go!

tell you what you think and enjoy :) 

and sorry it is so long! I use a lot of products!


  1. Hey! Great video.
    I love watching these videos too.
    I think there's nosiness in all of us!! :)

    I've just found your blog but really enjoyed reading through your posts so far, I'm following!

    Hope you can take a minute to check out my blog, maybe follow me back?

    Laura xx

    1. thank you so much darling :) I will go and have a look now xxx

  2. Great video! Very informative :)
    - Keyta x


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