Thursday, 26 July 2012

John Frieda| Full Repair Conditioner and Deep Conditioner

I picked these up at a local trip to Boots. I have read so many rave reviews about them I thought it would be worth a try. As I have said before in other hair care reviews I bleach my hair and have done for years. I also use quite a bit of heat so as you can imagine my hair isn't in the best of shape!

I thought these would be perfect as they aim to repair your hair whilst still giving it volume and getting volume has been something I have been struggling with lately.

I have used both of these products a couple of times and have noticed a difference in the condition of my hair. It has more oomph and shine and my ends aren't so fly away.

Unfortuntely these have irritated my scalp :( I have a scalp condition ( I can't remember the name of it sorry) but basically is has made my scalp really flaky and sore. If it wasn't for this I would continue to use them but unfortunately they just aren't worth the sore scalp. 

Since using them, I have past them onto my sister who also has coloured hair and she loves them! Like me she found that they have helped dramatically with the condition of her hair. 
Another thing that we both liked was that it didn't weight our hair down. I find a lot of the time if you are using  really rehydrating that they are often weight down hair and I have fine hair so it leaves me with rather limp hair if it is to heavy but this had the opposite effect.

You can buy The Full repair Range at Boots and Superdrug. 

Deep Conditioner £6.29 for 150ml
Full Body Conditioner £5.89 for 250ml

Are there any restoring conditioners that you recommend? 


  1. Hey I nominated you for this award!

    Vicky xo

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about these. I may have to try them out. Lovely, honest review!

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