Friday, 26 October 2012

MAC| Mineralize Charged Water

I don't usually like to show products that I just didn't get on with at all but I thought I would share this because really it did nothing. I like to think I am fair, I gave it a good go but I just didn't see any benefit from it at all.

When I bought this I originally wanted the mini Fix+ and some how I managed to get talked into buying this and a full sized bottle at that. The lovely MUA said it worked in the same way as the Fix+ but had the added benefit of more minerals.

Charged water can be used after cleansing, before moisturising and to help refresh makeup. I have used this spray in both ways and truthfully, it just doesn't feel or look like it does anything.
One thing I think it would be nice for is during the summer as a refreshing spray, much like the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.
I do like this to refresh my make up, however the spray isn't fine enough and I find that the spray actually makes my makeup run, meaning I have to re do my make up anyway. 

Like I said I don't usually like giving bad reviews but I wanted to let people know what I thought as it may be something you want to give it a try in store before you commit to buying. 

If you did want to give this product a go then it is available in Mac stores and concession counters and online here 

£15.00 for 150ml


  1. sad to hear it didn't work, I'm also still trying to find a "water" that sets and actually works hmm

    Following you via #bbloggers chat and would love if you could follow back
    Miranda M.

    1. I really like the Urban Decay All nighter! There will be a post coming up soon. Thank you for the follow. I will look at your blog now x

  2. I actually think its really important to give a good mix of products that work and don't work. Not everything can work for everyone so it's interesting to read when something doesn't work for you.
    As long as you're not slating the product or being factually incorrect it's all good.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. anything mac is amazing in my eyes haha :) x


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