Thursday, 8 November 2012| Something Rather Exciting!

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Have you ever come across a website that just completely changed the way you shop? Well this is how I felt when I found out about Mallzee. I am so excited for this website to launch later this year.

You basically create your own shopping mall on the web. There are currently over 200+ brands that have signed up to be a part of Mallzee- that is a lot of shopping! With these 200+ shops you go through them, selecting your favourites and create your very own mall, so when you sign on all your favourites are right there. I love things that I know I can be relatively quick with and with these I know I'll be able to just log on and find my favourites quickly.
To give you an idea of the bands that have been signed up, here are a few; Urban Outfitters, New Look, Feel Unique and St. Tropez. Now I don't know about you but the fact that Feel Unique is on that list makes me VERY excited!!

One of the best things about Mallzee is the fact that as you shop you can earn money. If you shop, or even if any of your friends shop via your 'mall', you earn money to spend on Mallzee or you can donate it to charity.  I know a lot of people will just spend on more items but I'd like to think a lot of people will also donate to charity. I think this is just such a lovely touch! and one that I hope a lot of people will use.

Mallzee wanted to make online shopping a social experience not something you sit at do at home alone. They have added features were you can actually put out polls on items to get your friends opinions before you commit to buying. It's like going shopping with friends but from the comfort of your own bed!

If you sign up for their news letter and give them a little tweet, you will be entered into a prize draw to win £100/$155 shopping spree on Mallzee!

To sign up and have a look at their blog Just click on the link below! I hope you are as excited as me!

*I was contacted by Mallzee to talk about their site but I am not being compensated for this post and all views are my own.

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