Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The #NottsBBMeet| Day and Evening sections!

So after months of planning and talking about it, it finally happened- The Nottingham Beauty Bloggers Meet was on Saturday! Like I said in my wish list post, I haven't really done that much towards the planning apart from emotional support and helping Sophia decide on certain things but it was still so nice to see all the effort that, Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady, Jessie from The Bode Boutique, Amiiee from It's Amieeism and I, put in all worth it. It was so nice to see everyone having such an amazing time.

I started the day off pretty early- 4.45am to be exact! Usually the time I am going to bed. Once ready I headed out for the train. I managed to have a little kip on my train from Canterbury to London. Once in London I met Clair from Bags, Bows and Boots and we headed for a our train to Nottingham. I am not very good with meeting new people so it was nice to arrive with some one and it was so nice to meet Clair as we have been chatting on twitter for a while. 

Once in Nottingham, we met up with lots of other people and then headed over to the Lions in the centre of Nottingham to meet everyone else and WOW was I surprised to see so many people! It was a bit overwhelming! 

After everyone arrived and we all got our name tags, courtesy of Amiiee. My group headed over to Kiels for a little chat and to have our individual skin consultations (I will be doing a more in depth post on this part of the day later on) while each of the groups where in Kiehls everyone went off and did so shopping. At Kiehls we were treated to some bubbly and Cupcakes. There was some interesting eating of the cupcakes going on here, aye Amiiee?! ;) 
 I so wish I could of spent a bit more time with some other people. I did get to meet loads of lovely girls but I wish I could of spent more time with everyone! 

After having to say goodbye to so lovely ladies at about 4pm, some of us headed up to T.G.I's. Everyone was welcomed to their goodie bags. It was like a second Christmas. I don't think any of us who were organising ever dreamed that the bags would be this good! but they just kept getting bigger. I even knew what was in them and even I was shocked. We had a lovely meal and it was so nice to sit down and chat. Especially to some girls I hadn't had the chance to talk to during the day. 
I'd like to say a big thank you to the staff at T.G.I's they managed so well with 30 of us, I am not going to lie I was so surprised  During the meal we had a couple of Giveaways and I was lucky enough to win the big prize!- The Enrapture Encode Totem Styler! I was in shock for a bit! 

It was so nice to see some of my close friends and also meet some people that I have been talking to on twitter for so long! It feels a bit weird that it is all over now *sad face* 

I will be doing a more in depth look at the goodie bags as I'm sure you will want to see ;) But here is a little sneak peak! 

Also look at this! We got #NottsBBMeet trending! 
I'm sorry I can't remember who I stole this off!

Id like to again, thank all the bands that were involved for their generosity and to every single of one you who came along. It was an amazing day!


  1. Aw, was lovely to meet you! Major lolz at that Amiiee eating the cupcake thing! Hahaha xx

  2. Cheers for bringing up the whole cupcake incident.. I'm still wetting myself about it! But like I said.. I was hungry, kayy?!

    We definitely have to arrange a day out in London or something ASAP! Miss you doll! xo

  3. This looks like such a fun time! I wish there were more meet-ups here in America, as I would be all over them!! :)

    xo, aly


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