Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Explanation

So, here it is a blank page waiting for me to write something! The big question is what! I firstly want to apologise for my terrible grammar. I have no excuses, just never quite been able to grasp the 'rules'. I am reading ' English grammar for dummies' in the hope that something might stick. That over with, hello! I hope you enjoy my blog. I haven't really defined what I want to talk about. I have however decided to try and give a couple of things a go this year so will be writing about them. 1. The 365 day photo challenge. Take one photo every day of the year. 2. To try more things, go more places. I want to go out and experience mores things in my local area. Living in Canterbury I'm surrounded by so much culture, I want to go out and experience it! So along with posts about these challenges I imagine there will be posts about beauty, hair, clothes etc. Its only recently that I really started becoming more vintage with regards to the way I look. I have always had an interest but never really thought I could pull off the look. I'm still experimenting and finding my feet but I have learnt a lot, just got to put it into practice now! Love Miss Sophie xxx

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