Friday, 6 January 2012

Topshop makeup

Sorry about the terrible photos in this post my camera didn't seem to want to cooperate today! Yesterday I just happened to be having a little nose around Topshop and I stumbled across their make up range. Now I don't know about anyone else but I tend to give make up being sold in stores a wide birth ( other than the obvious cosmetic stores) but it was something about their cute packaging that I just couldn't resist!

I have been looking for a lovely gold for a while and this fit the bill perfectly. I didn't want a gold that looked like gold foil rather something that was going to shimmer in the light. Quite conveniently I was on my way to get my nails done and so, rather cheekily, I asked if they would mind using my newly purchased gold nail varnish and they agreed. It only need two thin coats and went only very evenly. I find with some colours it's very hard to get nice even coats but with this particular one there was no trouble at all.

The last test is seeing how long it lasts! I will remember to give you a quick up date on this and I'm sure now I've tried it I will be going back and trying out some of the other many colours they have to offer. Love, Miss S xxx


  1. It looks lovely, how is it holding up?

    Haven't tried any of the Topshop nail varnish myself, but my sister bought a beautiful jewel green colour which seems to stay on quite a while.

  2. Hey,
    It's holding up well! No chips or anything. Added a thin layer today to brighten it up but to be honest it didn't really need it.

    I haven't had a chance to have a look at anymore but I'm sure I will find some time to go have a look :p


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