Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rockalily Roulette Red

To sum up on one sentence.....I really can't put into words how much I love this lipstick!

I have been following ReeRee's blog and twitter for a while and said from the very beginning that when I had the money that I would invest in some of her lovely lipstick. It does not disappoint! I decided I wanted to try Roulette red first because of it's lovely deep red shade, something I had been looking for for a while now. 

Roulette red, like most of the other Rockalily shades, is blue based to help whiten teeth. They also contain Vitamin E to keep your lips lovely and soft.  There are 4 cores shades of Rockalily lipstick and limited editions coming out every now and then. There is in fact a new limited edition coming out soon! Its called ZOMG and is a collaboration between ReeRee and ZoZo from http://www.thelondonlipgloss.blogspot.com . Have to say I am rather excited to get my hands on this!

The lipstick goes on so lovely and lasted for hours.As I was going out for the day with some friends decided it would be the perfect time to test it. There was lots of chatting, eating and drinking and it stayed put! No bleeding or anything. One of my friends even asked if I had had my teeth whiten which was lovely and shows how the blue base really does make a difference! I only wish I hadn't waited so long to get one.

In conclusion get yourself over to http://www.rockalily.com/  and get yourself one of these lipsticks! You will not be disappointed. 


Miss S xxx


  1. It really suits you. I have Mermaid (limited ed 2011) and am getting the new ZOMG one, but now I want this one too!

  2. Thank you very much darling :) I have to say i found it very hard to choose! I got this one because I have naturally rosie cheeks and I find that if my lipstick is too bright I look like a beetroot! haha
    I'm looking forward to the ZOMG!
    Treated myself to pompadour Pink and Man's ruin the other day :o think I'm addicted!


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