Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Current obsessions

1. Collectif 
I happened to stumble across the collectif website a couple months ago and I instantly fell in love with their designs. There is such a wide range and so many lovely prints to choose from. I tired to resist the urge to buy the whole website and decided to just go for one dress to begin with. When it arrived I was like a little kid at Christmas. It fitted perfectly! The boyfriend loves it has makes boobs look lovely haha. It fits lovely around the waist and flares out over the hips. Nice to hide any lumps and bumps. I tend to wear mine with a belt but it looks just as nice without.
Since this first dress I had added two more pieces to my collection and I love them just as much. They fit perfectly and they colours are staying bright. I love the versatility of the dresses. They are comfortable enough to wear in 4 hours lectures and can be dresses up for a night out. This is something I always look for with clothes. I don't want to have to have two separate wardrobes for day wear and night wear. 

If I had enough money I'm sure I could spend a fortune on the website. I'm going to wait until the spring collection arrives before I decide to buy anything else. 

2. E.L.F 
I have only recently discovered E.L.F and althought it is not the best quality, it is cheap and cheerful. For my first order I did a rather large one, spending about £30. Again all thought not great quality you get what you pay for. I bought quite a few brushes, mainly eye shadow brushes etc and a foundation brush. The eye shadows brushed are great. They are lovely and soft and distribute the eye shadow well. The foundation brush I was good the first couple of times I used it but has started to clump up a bit. I'm going to give them all a clean tomorrow and see how it goes from them. But like I said they are cheap and cheerful ( most items from the normal range are about £1.50)
I also got some lovely blushes (Shy and innocence) they are both beautiful colours and stay put all day. They only thing I can really say is wrong with them is the packaging. The top half slides up and I don't know if it's just me but most times I use it I find it very hard to open.
I am currently waiting for my last order which I have to say I'm rather excited to get. I'm usually very lazy with my eyebrows and don't really do much with them but I purchased some stencils so that I can shape my eyebrows and I know I'll have a matching pair!

3. Ben Howard
Me and my boyfriend happened to stumble across this guy on YouTube at the beginning of the year. At this time he was relatively unknown but we both fell instantly in love with his music. Over the last 6 months he has exploded on to the commercial music scene.
His songs are beautifully arranged with amazing lyrics. He is, I feel, one of the best artist to come out in a very long time. His music is something you can listen to over and over again and not get bored. Me and my boyfriend both started university in September and his album came out not long after that and my boyfriend STILL listened to it everyday on his way to university. When I asked him if he listened to anything else. He simply replied ' this guy is amazing, why would I want to listen to anything else'

Ben is originally from Devon and you can really tell. His acoustic folk ooses sun, sand and surf. It's hard to say what is my favourite song as they are all so good for their own reason. I strongly advise if you have the chance to listen to him and even better go and see him! He is currently touring in the UK. 

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