Saturday, 18 February 2012

Ben Howard Supported by Daughter

Firstly I want to applogise for the lack of posting lately, been super busy with University work but I am back and have plenty of posts planned!

The boy and I went to see Ben Howard on Wednesday at the Concorde 2, Brighton. I have been to my fair share of gigs over the years and although most have been good, not many have left a lasting impression on me. The boy and I went to see City and Colour a few years ago in a church in Islington. We both left feeling like we had just witnessed something amazing and no gig would ever be able to beat that night. We were both wrong! 

I really cannot put into words how amazing Ben Howard was. I know it was live so seems kind of silly to say but it really did bring the music to life and the best part was seeing how happy it made him and his band! There was a constant smile on his face. 

The venue was only small, max I would say it can hold is about 500 people, so it really was an up close and personal gig. It was also amazing to see how diverse his audience was, on one side of us we had 3 older people and on the other side kids that looked about 13.

The set was amazing, as he only has one album it mainly consisted of songs off that with some older songs such as Depth over distance and the new song Oats in the water. Along with songs there was lots of witty banter being bounced of members of the audience. I love going to gigs where the band actually speak to the audience. I feel it makes you feel like you are a apart of something special. 

Ben really is destine for greatest. I could of watched him for hours more. There truly is something special about him. 

I also wanted to say a few words about his support act Daughter. When they first came on stage I wasn't really expecting much. They Looked mix-match. The singer a beautiful  shy petite girl, the guitarist, well looked ever so cocky and the drummer/bassist looked completely out of sync with the others. BUT as soon as they started playing WOW! They were completely in sync and their music was incredible, beautifully poetic yet haunting. I urge everyone to give them a listen. I could of, again, listened to them for hours. The lead singer was so shy I wanted to climb up on stage, shake her and tell her how amazing she was. 
I admit that as soon as I got home, even though I was dead on my feet, I went straight to the computer and downloaded their two EP's and I haven't stopped listening to them since. 

Daughter on the BBC Introducing stage at Reading 2011. If you can listen to it all, I highly recommend it!

             Miss. S 

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