Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Body Shop |Coconut Oil Hair Shine

This Won't really be a very long review as there isn't really much to say about this product but I wanted to show you guys because I really do love it. 

If you haven't guessed already I'm a sucker for something if it smells good. Yes its another one of those products that smell amazing! haha. 

Basically I wear my hair in vintage styles 99% of the time and I wanted something to tame fly a ways and make my hair look soft and this product does exactly that. I try and stay away from pomade and hair spray because I find that it drys my hair out to much but this just finishes off my hair nicely. 

One thing I will say is that if you are using it closer to the roots, you do have to be seriously careful you don't use to much or you will look like you have greasy hair. 

On the odd days that I wear my hair straight I use this to tame my hair a bit. It helps to stop the hair from frizzing and having hair sticking out every where! Its also really light so if I do use it on my ends I don't feel like I have to wash it because I have used product on it. Which I was really surprised about being an oil.

Overall I really love this product and it does exactly what I need it to. Even if you don't style your hair like me it is still useful for you gals with straight hair to help give a more sleek finish.

Also as you need so little this pot will last absolutely ages. It has a 12 month self life. Now imagine this time would pass before I use up the whole tin. Usually for things for my skin I stick to these dates however I'm not sure about hair care. The product isn't expensive so in all honesty even if I did have product left I wouldn't mind buying a new one.

The pot is 50g and costs £5.00 from The Body Shop in store or online here

Miss S 


  1. Oh I might try this out! I've recently gotten into styling my hair and using mousse but I find it makes my hair dry and crunchy! I love coconut scented hair products too. xx

    1. Its pretty much the same as something like Moroccan Oil but solid and cheaper. With it only being £5 its not the end of the world if you don't like it. xx

  2. I love coconut oil! I just use organic and it works the same with out all the other ingredients and defensibly without Propylparaben, Methylparaben. And why does it need three different fragrant ingredients if it is supposed to be so natural. I haven't been able to forgive Body Shop after it came out that they technically do test on animals!


    1. I just had a look at label and seems that this doesn't used those ingredients so it's all good :) I know, I have been around animals all my life and I don't like the thought of it but now-a-days it's rather hard to avoid I think. xx

    2. Sadly it has those ingredients. You can see it on their webpage. They as well don't use good coconut oil but the Hydrogenated coconut oil which is overly produced and doesn't have all the goody things that cold pressed coconut oil has.

      /Ramble over.

      I really do like your review and your pictures are good!

    3. I have been doing a little research on those ingredients since you said about them. Quite interesting. Although seem now-a-days everything seems to 'cause cancer' but still interesting the research that has been done and how much more is needed. Always good to find out about these things!

      thank you doll xx

  3. Thank you for sending me the link to your blog on twitter, I love it and I'm your new follower:)


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