Sunday, 27 May 2012

Boots Botanics | Gentle Cleansing Cream (All Bright)

I have been going on a skin care hunt lately and most of my purchases are just spur of the moment purchases. This is another one of those purchases. I have to say I love going in to boots and just browsing the aisles! I could do it forever.

This is something I picked up on one of these wandering trips.

I think I tried Something from the Botanics range a good couple years ago. It's not something I vividly remember, so I probably wasn't all that good. As I was browsing, the packaging of this caught my eye.

I used to use those horrible make up wipes, why I do not know! I have been using this morning and night, before another cleanser. I use the origins Drink Up intensive over night mask and find in the morning it can leave me a bit oily, so I used this to just take the oil off. At night I use this to take my make up off.

The cream is pretty thin. I wouldn't say it's like really running. It's a bit like a day moisturiser. It's really light on the skin and leaves my skin feeling really soft and clean. It is something you could use  as your main cleanser. I am a bit of a cleansing freak so I use this first then others after, both morning and night, but like I said it is fine used my it's self. With removing make up it works really well. I wear a variety of foundations, from Double wear to a tinted moisturiser and it works well on both. The only area it lets down is on the eyes but that doesn't bother me as I use a different eye make up remover however I know for some this maybe irritating.

As the product states, this is suitable for all skin types. I have normal-dry skin and a friend of mine has oily skin and we found that the product worked well on both skin types. The cream does have a slight scent but nothing that is really noticeable unless you actually sit there and smell it.  As far as I can tell most of the ingredients are natural. I'm no scientist, there are a few ingredients that I am not sure about, but they are last on the list so I assume  that there isn't much of them in the actual product.

I have had this product about 3 weeks and I have gone through about a 1/3 of the bottle, maybe a bit more. But bearing in mind I use this morning and night I think that is pretty good!

I have had a look on the Boots website and it doesn't seem to be available there but I have been into several different boots and have seen it in all of them.

It is £3.99  for 250ml which I think is an amazing price.

I'm not sure if I would repurchase straight away purely because I would like to try some others out, plus I like the idea of maybe finding something that will take my eye make up off too.
But having said that I really do recommend this as it has made my skin SO soft!

Please remember these are my own views on how the product worked on my skin. Results may vary for different people and skin types. 

Miss S

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