Friday, 4 May 2012

Mac Haul

I really shouldn't be spending so much but I just can't seem to stop myself. I thought I would do a quick little post on my recent Mac purchases. I apologise that the pictures aren't that great but I have left my camera at my parents house and so have had to use my phone.

Desert Rose

Pink Swoon

I am loving my new Mac blushes! Desert Rose is a lovely deep pink.You  could almost say a dirty pink. It is a matt shade and I would say that is will suit most skin tones. On my fair skin I only need to add a little to give myself a natural flush, so on the plus side this will last me ages!
Pink Swoon is a Sheertone blush and because of this I feel that it's staying power isn't as good as a matt blush BUT I really do love this colour. I would even go as far as saying it is my favourite blush at the moment.

Left, Desert Rose. Right, Pink Swoon

The Studio Sculpt Concealer I am undecided on at the moment. In all frankness it is my own fault I didn't really research before I bought it and it wasn't till after I found out that it tends to crease under eyes, and the main reason I bought it was for under my eyes. Having said that it has been working really well on areas of redness and blemishes! I have found, due to the fact that it is so thick, that applying it with my finger works better and gives a better coverage. I can't say for certain but I imagine that the heat from your hand helps work it in.

So although it isn't working for what I intended it for I am liking it. Would I repurchase? I'm not so sure.. 

Next on the purchase list was the Studio Fix Powder and foundation. I know I raved on about my collection 2000 loose powder (I still love it) but I am also loving this. It helps even out any uneven skin tones. It has enough coverage to wear buy itself    but can also be used to set foundation.

It also has a handy little sponge so you can touch up on the go. If I am honest I most likely won't bother taking foundation with me as this gives enough coverage.
The only thing I worry about is the pan breaking and at £19.50 it isn't a cheap thing to break.

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