Sunday, 29 April 2012

Face of the Day #1

I haven't done one of these before, never thought I knew enough to be able to do one but I thought today that I might give it a go! plus I'm trying so hard not to do any work.

I usually go for something a little heavyer than what I have done today. I do think that this has made my face look a bit fresher than it usually does!

Foundation: Benefit Hello Flawless "I'm pure 4 sure"
Blush: Topshop "Flush"
Loose Powder: Collection "Translucent"
Mascara: L'oreal Volume Million Lashes "Extra Black"
Eyeliner: Soap and Glory Super Cat "Black"
Lipstick: Topshop "Brighton Rock"

When I first bought the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation I wasn't all that amazed by it. I had seen so many reviews saying how amazing it was but I really couldn't see why BUT I have grown to love it. I find that I do have to build it up slowly for the coverage I want (I like a medium to heavy coverage). One thing I can't learn to love is how thin it is. It is the thinnest foundation I have ever tried. But like I said I have learnt to love it!

As you might be able to tell I am LOVING the Topshop make up at the moment, there are so many more blushes and lipsticks I want to get. I find that both last really well and the lipsticks aren't drying like you may expect from a cheaper lipstick. "Brighton Rock" is probably the brightest pink that I own and I love it, although today I haven't applied it fully, just dabbed it on, then blended with my finger, just wanted to add a little colour to my lips. 

I have been using this Collection powder for years! I love it. It seals my make up and adds a nice matte finish to my skin. I have tired others over the years but always seem to come back to this one and for £2.99 you really can't go wrong. I would recommend it. 

My eye-liner is one that I am trying to use up, it does last all day but sometimes leaves  the black mark on the top of my eye lid and I hate that. It is also the hardest thing to get into! not kidding most of the time I have to get one of my boy house mates/dad to open it. I don't know if it is just my one that is like that. One thing I can say is that is hasn't dyed out and always gives a nice crisp line. 

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