Monday, 23 April 2012

Time Of Your Life.

So, I got back from Egypt on Saturday and I am truly suffering from post holiday blues. I had such an amazing time with my family. We stayed in Nuwebia a little town in the South East of Egypt. We stayed in the hotel all week as there wasn't anything else about but it was lovely. I could feel the stress just leaving me.

1.My Muma, Sister and me relaxing on the beach 2. Sister and me at the Pool 3. Towel Creation 4. Sister and me at the airport on the way there, getting rather excited! 5. My view for most of the week.

6. Gardens at the hotel 7. Me by the Pool 8. Jetty at sunset 9. Another towel creation 10. One of my favourite photos purely for the silly face my Pops is pulling.

11. Taking a picture of me taking a picture 12. Pops doing some sneaky photo taking. 13. Towel creation, aren't the amazing? 14. Birthday cake on the last night 15. At the beach.

16. Sister sunbathing 17. Azzam and his napkin creations. 18. The people that made my holiday. Those boys were so lovely 19. Red sea sunset (The mountains are saudi arabia) 20. Snake

21. Creeped out by my sisters creepy stalked  22. Pulling funny faces at the beach 23. Crocodile! (how amazing!?) 24. Me on the First day 25. Sister asleep on the plane

This holiday was really the best holiday I have ever been on, never quite been this sad to be home. We are already planning our return in October (Would be to for us in the summer) Can't wait to go back!

Are you going anywhere nice this holiday season?

Miss S

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