Monday, 14 May 2012

Mac |Pink Plaid

This is my first ever Mac lipstick and I love it. I had been browsing the website and picked out this colour, then totally forgot about it. I went to my local Mac and was just having a browse of the the lipsticks and I was draw to this colour, not knowing it was pink plaid. So I thought I would have a little treat. 

 Pink Plaid is a Matte shade and is a lovely dusty pink. I found that it wore quite well, it was about 3 hours before I left I had to reapply. I have heard from others that they find that the matte shades tend to dry their lips out, however I didn't seem to have this problem. I guess it depends on the condition of your own lips.

The colour is lovely and pigmented, which showed up well on my quite naturally darker lips.

I think that you could most likely find a similar colour in a drugstore range but I just think you don't get the same quality and one thing I always seem to find with drug store ranges is the packaging is cheap. Whereas I love the Mac packaging. It is simple but nice. 

Any other colours that you think would be worth a try?

Miss S 

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