Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weekly Wants #4

So only one thing for the weekly want this week. Sorry, makes it a bit boring!

Basically my laptop is on its dying legs. I had the blue screen of death 4 times this week! So I have been preparing for it's death buy making sure I have everything backed up etc. Unfortunately I don't happen to have over £1000 just lying around so means I will be saving lots. I recently started working again so hopefully I will get plenty of hours. 

Only issue, I am SO rubbish at saving so I have in listed muma as a helper so she can stop me spending.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. 

any money saving tips you think might help me?


  1. I got this for my 18th birthday and I love it, it's my baby! 2 and half years later it's still good as new :)

    Saving is tricky! I recently got one of those tins with a slot in the top and the only way to get money out of it is with a tin opener and I've been putting £1 coins in it so hopefully I'll do well with that!


    1. Yeh one of my best friend has had hers for years!
      I still haven't had my big present for 21st last year so mum has said they will give me some money towards it! xx

    2. Aww that's a good idea :D


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