Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Firmoo| My Experience and Review

I happened to stumble across this brand on someone else's blog (really sorry I can't remember who's) after reading their review and seeing that they had an awesome deal where new customers get their first pair of glasses free, all you have to do is pay for shipping, I thought why the hell not?! I needed some new glasses. After tweeting about it, I was kindly offered these completely free buy Firmoo but even if I hadn't been offered them for free I would of still got some as I think it it amazing that you only have to pay for shipping.

I have always been a bit dubious about buying glasses online, manly because you can't see what they look like on. I wanted to go for something a little different than any of the glasses I have ever had before so I was a bit stumped. Then I noticed that they have a Virtual Try-On System. They have some generic photos but you can also upload your own photo. I found this feature SO helpful in choosing the frames I wanted to go for.

Once you have decided which frames you want, you can add all the details about your prescription or you can just have a pair on non-prescription. I was really worried about doing this because I thought I would have no idea what to put in where but it was actually really easy and if you are struggling there are some help pages as well. 

Now on to the glasses- If you follow me on twitter you will have seen how excited I was to receive these and i can honestly say I wasn't disappointed. All the frames on the site are really reasonably priced and I wasn't sure how good a quality they would be but they are actually really good. As good a quality as some of my designer frames I have got. 

As you can see in the picture right at the top the glasses come with a hard case, a soft case, a lense cleaner, spare screws and a little screw driver. Now I don't know about you but I think this is really good! and I really wasn't expecting it. 

As far as I am aware the range of glasses changes so it's something you can check back and see if there are any new frame you like. 

So as you can see, overall I am really impressed with my glasses and I recommend that you go check out the website! 

I didn't get any proper pictures on me wearing the glasses but here is one that I instagramed! 

*These glasses were sent to me for free for my consideration. All Views are my own and I am 100% honest with my reviews.


  1. They are really nice!! I got prescription sunglasses from Firmoo and I love them! xx

    1. Yeh i am thinking I might get some sunnies when it gets closer to summer! At least then I'll be able to see! haha x

  2. They look fab! My only worry ordering glasses online is that my lenses usually need thinned or it'll look like I'm wearing old milk bottles! Xo

  3. lovely review, they're really nice!



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