Thursday, 10 January 2013

2012 Beauty Favourites| Make Up Edition

I have finally got round to filming my 2012 favourites and I thought I would post the video on here as well for any of you lovely people that don't subscribe to me on You Tube. On that note, want to go follow me on there? I'll give you chocolate in return! ;) 

I hope you enjoy and if you have a favourites video or post, post links in the comments! I love seeing them and they have made my shopping list rather long! 


  1. Really liked this video!

    I am way to lazy to use a primer!

  2. Oh I am such a fan of Benefit High Beam as well! It's such a perfect highlighter :) Great video, I'm going to come subscribe to your Youtube now :)

  3. Great video, I love satin Taupe too x


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