Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Clothes Edition

Now I know I am pretty much a strictly beauty person on here, but I do really enjoy fashion. I'm not really that adventurous- I have a style and I stick to it pretty much. It's not very often I get sucked into trends but the Monochrome trend has got me all a flutter. This is pretty much what I wear any way so it's nice to see it a bit more readily available. 

I said on twitter the other day that I am LOVING monochrome with a flash of neon chucked in there for good luck and so many of you agreed and I was looking at my wish list last night (I have so many items saved all about the web) and realised how much I am lusting after actually fits into this- so, I decided to make a couple of outfit collages. This are pretty loose and I've tried to make it so that if you don't like monochrome there are some other options in there as well. I am pretty pleased with these. I like the different chooses and I am now lusting after all these things more than ever! 


So I may have already bought the jacket and bracelet- oops! If I had the money I would be picking up everything off this board. I just love it all! I am really liking the look of the shoes. I have so many pairs of black boots and I feel I need a bit of a change but at £65, it's not something I can afford at the moment. Seriously debating about getting the roll neck dress, what you think? I never thought that would be something that would suit my body shape but I tired a similar one on the other day and it was surprisingly ok!


Why can't I have an unlimited amount of money?! I love seeing black dresses with white shirts underneath, with a chain necklace- ah the perfection! I have been eyeing up the green jacket and dress on ASOS for so long. I actually have the long sleeve version of the dress in black and grey but this would be perfect to take you through spring and summer as it is so unbelievably comfortable! 

So yes those are a condensed wish list/ outfit boards. 

What trends are you loving at the moment?!


  1. Love the pop of neon in the monochrome board and loving that green biker jacket ;)
    I found you through the #bbloggers twitter chat

  2. Monochrome and neon is my favourite. I need to invest I think!
    Just found your blog through Sophia's blog (Tattooed Tealady) and will hopefully be attending the Nottingham blogger meet up with the girls from our youtube channel Trend TV Nottingham! Love your blog, now following!

  3. love the look and layout of your blog :)
    this post is ace, a white shirt is so classic!

    are you going to notts blogger meet up? Im a notts student fashion blogger :)
    new follower <3

  4. I am loving the neonss with the black and white! Cannot wait for summer to get to wear bright colours again!
    Loving your blog!


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