Thursday, 14 March 2013

Frat Boy Blush| theBalm

I don't think there is a blush that I have lusted after more than this Frat Boy Blush*. I actually saw this blush before I started blogging but it was one that I just never got round to getting. I don' know why but I just kept putting it off. That was until Sophia, who runs Tattooed Tea Lady bought this beauty for me for Christmas. I may have done a little dance when I opened this- I was just so excited! ha ha. 
I really haven't been disappointed by this either, so much that I now have a lot of the Balm products on my wish list. 

My bad, I used the product before I took photos- sue me! I wanted to use it. Like I said I really haven't been disappointed by this product.  The pigmentation is great and you really don't need a lot to give you that lovely flushed look. This is my first coral-ish/pink blush and I frigging love the colour. I always stayed away from corals as I was worried they would look really orange on my seriously pale skin but I have had no such issues with this. The blush also contains tiny specks of glitter but these are so tiny it just gives you a bit more glow. It's not chalky, it's so fine and soft and it lasts all day- you can't ask for much more in a blush. This has become a firm favourite of mine and one that I have been reaching for so much, even more than my beloved Mac Pink Swoon blush and that really is saying something. 
For £16 it is a little on the pricey side but this seems to be theBalm's most expensive. I am assuming this is because this seems to be the most popular so they can get away with it. Apart for that, this is, hands down, an amazing blush and I am head over heals in love!

Have you tired any of theBalm products?


  1. The packaging is so cute! x

  2. Lovely! £16 is a little expensive, but if it's that perfect colour, it's worth it. I might have to check The Balm out, everyone always raves about them!

  3. I really want to try some of theBalm products, I never find them anywhere though! All the blushers are gorgeous. xo

  4. I have this too, and I love the color! It's a really pretty shade :)


  5. I've never even heard of theBalm before but after this review i'm going to check it out!

    Amy x

  6. I love the colour of this. The balm isn't mentioned much on blogs but it is such an amazing brand :) xo


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