Thursday, 14 March 2013

Don't Panic!

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So I may have had a mild panic yesterday when they announced the fact that Google Reader is being scrapped. I have 300 blogs on my reader to find every single one of them and move to a them to a different platform, will be a huge task and one that I will get ever so bored doing and end up giving up half way. 

With Google Reader being scrapped as part of 'Operation Spring Clean' a lot of people are panicking that GFC will go as well. There are been strong rumours about this for a while now and it seems a lot more possible now- all to force us to move to Google+ (Damn you Google) so I write this to plead with you to go follow me on a different platform. Like a lot of bloggers, I have worked hard to gain the followers that I have and so I propose to you that you lovely lot go follow me on a different platform. I'm only part of two others but hey, thats better than nothing!

Bloglovin- This is the platform I actually use the most now and all new blog I follow through this and I will be importing the blogs I have on Google reader onto this. I personally think the interface for this is a lot nice and easier to use. You can get to my Bloglovin by clicking here

Update- Bloglovin' has now put up a link for you to be able to import blogs from Google reader, making it a lot easier! 

SheSaidBeauty- Another awesome platform and one that doesn't get enough credit. Along with being able to see all the new blog posts from the people that you can follow, you can add products to your 'Beauty shelf'- here you can say if you; Love, Want or Own a product, you can also rate the product and also see percentages of people who would repurchase. They also recently added a feature that means you can see where you can buy products and actually click straight through to the site and purchase said item.Along with that the also have a Magazine and their favourite picks. All in all a pretty awesome site that lets you create a profile that is unique to you and a one stop site that you can look up reviews in an instant. When I had a meeting with them with Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady we were told about so many awesome projects that they have in the pipeline and I can tell you now this site will become the one stop place for beauty. So after that essay- You can also follow me on SheSaidBeauty here

Other than those two there is also Twitter and Instagram although you won't be able to see exactly when a blog post goes up on them, I am pretty active on all and I love to see you all on them as well. 

Please feel free to leave any of your links down below! and remember don't panic! 

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