Saturday, 29 June 2013

Brand Spotlight| Illamasqua

Illamasqua was a brand I put off trying, purely because I'd never seen anything in the flesh and I was worried about paying out for something that could potentially be something completely different to my expectations. 

The First things I got from Illamasqua were the Skin Base foundation and Hollow Cream Pigment and I actually got this off a blog sale so I was a bit happier paying out for these as it wasn't as much as full price and if I didn't like them, it wasn't that much of a loss. Now The Skin Base is something that at the moment I just can't get it to work for me. It always looks to cakey on my but I love the coverage and the colour is a perfect match. So if any one has any suggestions or just how you apply this, please do let me know! 
I wasn't dissapointed with the cream pigment either. I use this in two ways: The first way is as a cream contour and the second is as a cream shadow/ base. This stuff blends so nicely and stays put!  I really want to pick up the shade Androgen, which is actually in the sale just trying to debate if I can afford it. 

The next product I bought when I was in London for the London Bloggers Meet. I have been eyeing this colour up for so long but like I said before I didn't want to buy before seeing it in the flesh. The shade I ended up buying was Hussy. Which the illamasqua site describes as a 'Bright Candy Pink', I personally think it has a more peachy shade but it is pretty bright. I love how finely milled and pigmented this blush is; it means you need the tinniest amount so this will last so long.  At £18, they aren't cheap but I really think they are worth the money. 

The last product in my little collection is the Precision Ink in Abyss*. No exaggeration  this is the most amazing eyeliner ever. Seriously. I have really hooded eyes so I always struggle with transferring but this will not budge. I wore this for 16 hours once and by the end of the day it was still there. I also love the applicator- it's really thin and makes it so much easier to create flicks.

I also bought a cream foundation in the sale but as I don't have it yet I can't say much about it, apart from its on its way. 

Is there anything from Illamasqua you think is a must have?

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  1. I'll have to try that eyeliner! I have the blush in 'Hussy' too and I absolutely love it, it's such a pretty color! If you want another blush shade from them, their powder blush in Lover is great, and the cream blush in Rude is my personal favorite :)

    xoxo aly


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