Thursday, 27 June 2013

Naturally Gorgeous by Charlotte Vohtz| Book Review

So today I am going to be talking about what I think is a cracker- I hope you agree or that it at least gets your interested. This most certainly sparked an intrest for me. 

Naturally Gorgeous* is a book written by Charlotte Vohtz, the owner and founder or Green People- an organic skincare and make up brand. Green people is a brand that I have been interested in for a while- well and just organic beauty in general but I have kind of put it off because of the cost of changing my  whole routine and how I see it is; if I'm going to do it, Ive got to change everything. There is no point me changing just my skincare if I carry on using non organic make up, if you see what I mean?

Thats enough of that, like I said I have wanted to try Green People out for a while and I have actually tried a couple of samples of their products and have been very impressed. When a friend gave me this book, I was intrigued because for me this was the first ever bit of literature on Organic living that I would read and I am actually very glad it was. 
The information is laid out simply and in bite size pieces so its something you can flick back and fourth to and not get lost or overwhelmed by all the new information. 
The Book is split in to different sections (Inner beauty, Skin, Face, Body, Hair and Sun care), all of which go into basic information to help you achieve an organic life style. I will say this book isn't going to give you all the information you would ever need but it really is a good place to start and especially for someone, like me, who knows nothing about organic eating or beauty. All in all it's just a good book for information about how to look after yourself, obviously it's trying to promote Organic products but there are still break downs that could be used with non- organic products. 
An example of this is the fact that there are breakdowns for how to care for different skin types. It's things like this that made the book such an ease to read. I didn't feel like I was being told I HAVE to live organic to be healthy but more that it is the best option but I'm not going to be force into it- if you see what I mean? 

The above pages are to give you a rough idea of how the book is laid out. Like I said before it's pretty simple but a great way to start. 
I highly recommend this book for anyone just starting out or even just if you want a bit more information on how to look after yourself better. You are sure to take something away from this book. I know I learnt so many different tips from this book. 

Naturally Gorgeous can be bought off the Green People Website for £9.99 


  1. Great Post
    will have to give this book a go
    Rachel XX

  2. This looks like a really nice thing for a beauty lover to read, haha! I agree, I've thought about organic beauty things for a while but never totally converted. I'll have to check this book out!

    xoxo aly


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