Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hand Luggage| What I Am Taking

If you don't already know- I am off to America in a couple of days. If you follow my twitter I apologise for my constant going on about it! I'm excited ok?

Everyone seems to do these kind of posts when they go away and I though well why the hell not, I'll do one as well! 
So basically this is what I will be taking with me! My Bag is from Topshop, from a couple months ago and I love it. As it's pretty square I can fit quite a bit in there and I also like the fact it has both a long strap and the two shorter ones. 

Firstly I've got the really important bits- My travel wallet, from Accessorize, which has my passport, money, travel documents etc, my purse which is so old and something I am hoping to replace while I am out there, my glasses and my phone. I also forgot my sunglasses but they aren't anything special, just a £1 pair from primark!

Next up we have the technology section- My iPad which has my movies, music and books on so saves me having to lug around books etc, my camera- which is actually my sisters but I didn't really feel I would need my big camera and this takes pretty decent pictures. Next up is my Powerbee, which is my portable charger that I can use on my phone, iPod and iPad. I usually get two charges out of it so hopefully it will be enough to keep me going. Then I have my iPod, you know just incase I dont have enough music on my phone and Ipad and then my Urbanears which I LOVE! They are good at noise cancelling and other people can't hear your music either and to top it off stupidly comfortable. 

Here you can see the couple of brushes I will be taking(I have more in my luggage) : RT powder brush, Sigma F80, Ecotools Angled brush, Sigma E05 and RT Deluxe Crease brush

Right so I wasn't planning on taking this much  make up on the plane but my skin seems to hate me and after months of behaving and looking lovely, it seems to have decided, 3 days before my holiday it wants to go tits up and have a breakout- so I am currently sporting two giant, horrible, angry spots on my chin and I could cry. So yes originally I was only going to take a little pot of the Dior BB cream but now I need something with a bit more coverage! I went for Double Wear as it's still quite light whilst sill giving good coverage.The other bits are pretty simple and just enough for me to look human and alive when I get off the plane. 

I will, like most people be doing the standard thing of taking all my make up off and putting a mask on (despite my hideous state- sorry to the people around me!) So I've got some Simple wipes- purely to save on space. Tooth brush and Tooth paste before I get off the plane so I don't meet Sarah with stinky breath, little perfume sample- again so I don't smell! Then for the face I have a Eve Lom Hydrating serum sample, Clinique Moisture Surge and Origins Drink Up Intensive. Now three hydrating things I hear you ask?! Well my skin HATES AC so I'm preparing for that. I've also got my Apivita Lip Balm, which I am fully addicted too, Hand Sanitiser, Origins super spot remover and a Birchbox mirror.

So there you go, that is my hand luggage! I will be doing a couple of updates here and there while I am away- if I have time too but if you want to see pictures along the way you can follow my Instagram, which is candycaneheart or follow my twitter @sophie_swinney


  1. I Love America!
    have a great time
    Rachel XX


  2. You'll have such a great time here Sophie, so much to see! I think you brought everything you'll need, and you're super brave for flying - airplanes scare me so much! :)

    xo aly

  3. You are so organised. I threw everything in my bag the night before I went. I found those blog posts I was talking about! Don't know if they are any help...



    Have Fun sweets! xx

  4. Great post. I'm always struggling to know what to pack so will bookmark this for my next flight. xx

  5. Seems very sensible and practical! I have no idea if this is your kind of thing or not, but I'm having a giveaway if you wana take a look and join? http://improvisedintentions.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/giveaway.html xx


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