Monday, 20 February 2012

Hey Curly

I have been trying to find a method of curling my hair that would give me a lovely Vintage hair style. I have tried rollers, sponge rollers ( Did that last night, rollers where to small, I ended up looking like a poodle!) Flat pin curls, curling tongs...the list goes on. I couldn't seem to find anything that worked and lasted!

I decided the other day to try some barrel pin curls and I had a really good result! 
I didn't follow a setting pattern just sectioned my hair off in layers then curled upwards in 1-2 inch thick pieces and secured with pin curl clips.

I used a setting lotion that I get from my hair dresser and it doesn't have a label on it but a protein based setting lotion is good for dyed hair and have just purchased Lottabody by Revlon so will be giving that a try in a couple of days (sure a review will follow)

I left the pin curls in for about 3 hours, until the setting lotion had dried.

Once all dry, take all the clips out and you should end up with something like this....

Then brush all those curls out. I used a round brush. I think this is the point where most people freak out. I know I do! All you have is a frizzy mess of curls.

It's all about patience, keep brushing! use the brush against your hand to create smoother looking curls.

Once you've brushing, you should end up with something like this 


I had a couple of curls that just would not co-operate so I stuck in a hair flower ,  then spray on some hair spray and you are DONE!

p.s This has now become my go-to way to style my hair as it requires no heat, having bleached hair this really is an added bonus, and the curls hold up so well. The only time they have fallen out is when I got stuck in rain and that is understandable!

How do you create curls?

                                                            Miss S


  1. WOW! Your hair is so pretty :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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