Friday, 6 April 2012

Good as Gold

So I may have gone a little beauty mad lately, pretty sure there are more bits but I can't remember them all.  Seems I have gone a bit mad for Topshop make up. Like I said in my post on my first Topshop make up buy I was a little dubious about the range as I find that shops own make up ranges tend to be a bit of a let down. However Topshop's make up range hasn't disappointed me at all so far.

Topshop Highlighter In 'Sunbeam' 

I love this Highlighter, it gives a lovely golden colour it does however require quite a balance! If you apply just a little to much you can be left looking quite shiny. I'm looking forward to using this on holiday to give a lovely sun kissed look. I Think if you layered it up enough it could make an amazing eye shadow, haven't yet tried it but think it would be worth a little try! You can buy it from Topshop here and for £9.00 it is a reasonable price and worth the money.

Topshop Eye Shadow in 'Good as Gold'

I did also buy a eye shadow in 'Good as Gold' and actually looking at the pictures now realising how the highlighter and eye shadow are pretty much the same colour! oh well can never have too much make up.

Left to right: Barefoot, Forget Me Not, Bee's Knees, Gone Fishing, Parma Violet and VIP
And this is my 'little' nail varnish haul. I have tried several different brands for pastel colours and haven't really been impressed with any of them and because I have been so happy with all the other Topshop varnishes I have bought before I thought it would be worth trying the pastel colours.
I LOVE all of these colours and they go on so evenly. I couldn't get a photo that showed the yellow how it actually is. Its a lot lighter and creamy. They are all going to be colours that well see me through the spring and summer and being only £5.00 each you can't really say no!

bareMinerals Original Foundation in 'Light' 
I had heard so much about bareMinerals foundations I couldn't resit trying some out for myself. Even though I got this in 'light' I still found it was to dark for me and clumps together to much to give an even finish, however I don't feel right now that I have a good enough brush to give an informed decision. I'm planning on buying some more Real Technique brushed and and going to give this another go but for now I won't be using it.
I might even try going a bit lighter and getting the 'fair' and see if that suits me better.
For £24.00 it isn't cheap but I think is a very reasonable price for the quality of the product you get. You can buy it here or alternatively if you have a Fenwicks near you, they have a counter that you can get a consultation.

When it comes to painting my nails I'm pretty impatient. Once I'm done I want to be able to just get on without worrying about ruining my nails, so I went into Boots the other week to see if there was anything I could try and I picked up this Pretty Quick 'Nail Drying Spray'  for £2.80 to give a go. Although it did help dry them a little quicker it still wasn't that quick and the spray left an oily residue on my nails and fingers. For £2.80 it is cheap and is a quick fix. It can be bought here.

I had seen on a Blog a review of the Sally Hansen 'Insta-Dri' top coat that said how good it was and actually worked. So when I went to Bluewater the other day and had some vouchers I justcouldn't resit it! and I am so glad I didn't I wish I had found out about this product years ago I could of saved myself SO much time and effort. I love this product. It really does dry in 30 seconds and has an amazing shine to it. I haven't had a varnish on long enough to see if it lasts the whole 10 days it says it should but I have had my current varnish on for a couple days and I have been doing a bit of manual labour in the garden and no chips in sight. Boots are selling this for £5.99 and also really want to try The Miracle cure  as I do have trouble growing my nails.

As you can see from the beginning picture these are only some of the products I got but I still want to try the others out for a bit longer so I can really see if they make a difference.

Is there any products you just can't resist?


                   Miss S

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