Monday, 14 May 2012

My Week In Photos #2

Found this in Canterbury| Sisters new jumper| Honey comb Frijj and some blog reading| Muma's new chickens, they were rather funny| Watching David play |David and Bertie the horse (I lie he is a dog but is so big could quite easily be classed as a horse)| Flossy the chicken| Love this advert, I want one!

This week again was a quiet one, mainly spend finishing essays and starting revision! wow, what a fun life I lead at the moment. I promise I will get more interesting.
I went home this weekend for some well earned rest. Went for some lovely walks and helped my sister do some revision for her GCSE's. Unfortunately it wasn't all idilic as my dog Maise had an accident. Well she had it a month ago (another dog ran into her and seriously bruised her back and she was unable to walk for a week) but my dad had taken her out for her normal night walk and she just went down apparently. When she came back she was unable to walk on her back legs and had no feeling in either. After a vet trip we found out she had an Embolism on her spine which is causing pressure. She should make a full recovery but it is really just a waiting game. So been having lots of cuddles with her whilst doing my other bits.

Hope everyone has had a lovely week!

Miss S 

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