Tuesday, 8 May 2012

O.P.I New York City Ballet Minis

My Pointe Exactly | Don't Touch Mt Tutu! | Care To Danse? | Pirouette My Whistle 

I was super excited to get this little collect as they would be my first ever O.P.I varnishes, plus I loved the look of the colours. Having said that I was quite disappointed. I had read some reviews and seen some swatches online and knew that they were very sheer but I wasn't expecting for them to be quite so sheer. I mean I tired all of the colours and each needed 4 coats for me to even be able to see the colour and even then you have to look really hard to see it. I just think when you are paying so much for a varnish you shouldn't have to apply 4
+ coats to get a decent colour. I have plenty of far cheaper varnishes that would be ok with one coat.

It was a real shame as I was looking forward to enjoying them and I do love the Glitter called 'Pirouette my Whistle' and have ordered a full size. It is full of small and larger bits of sliver glitter with a clear base. One thing I also liked  was the fact that with one coat you get an even spread of glitter. You don't need more than one coat. It is gorgeous and looks so lovely over the spring pastel shades. I have been wearing it mostly over Topshop's 'barefoot' I will do a little post when the full size arrives as I still don't have my camera and my phone just can't handle the glitter!

Miss S

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