Wednesday, 9 May 2012

THE Zara Bag

I know that most of you will either have heard so much about this bag OR already own it but I couldn't not do a little post on it as I love it so much!

There isn't anything special about this bag but I just love the shape of it and the little gold accents on it. As I tend to wear gold anyway I know that I will be able to pick this bag up and go. I have to say this isn't you usual style of bag. I tend to go with smaller bags and generally they are Vintage. This is my first new bag in a long time! I think I got sucked in by the hype a little but it is a bag I can use. 

The bag is £19.99 from Zara and seems to be in most stores. My local is only a small one and it is stocked there, although they did only have the grey one (I am yet to see a red one in the flesh). I actually ordered mine online and had it delivered to store. With this option you don't have to pay P&P. It did take slightly longer than if you were to have to delivered to your home but to be honest I don't mind as it saves me some money. 

I am not sure what the bag is made off but it is SO soft and the dye is good to. I had a white floral dress on today and was expecting to have black marks on my dress where the dye had rubbed off slightly but thankfully no marks!

Have you got this bag? Love it as much as I do?

Miss S 

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